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  • researchers discover natural killer cells as promoter for fetal development

  • the 2017 nature’s 10 – father of quantum, pan jianwei

  • scientists visualize structure of key dna repair component with ‘near-atomic resolution’

  • china builds the first space-ground integrated quantum communication network

  • chinese science teleported into the lead in quantum race

  • 春节西湖怎么“游”?收好这份“乘船攻略” 2018-02-17
  • 留“浙”过年 | “90后”保安队长:5年春节没回家 只为让业主过个放心年 2018-02-17
  • 2.5亿人分5亿元 为何大家“集五福”还这么拼? 2018-02-17
  • 六部门:2020年底学校垃圾分类知识普及率要达100% 2018-02-17
  • 多位书记部长除夕夜带队出门 都去干了啥? 2018-02-17
  • 男子因非法收购出售乌龟获刑 除夕被批准离监探亲 2018-02-17
  • 女子北漂八年后回到家乡 曾以为会在北京混出天地 2018-02-18
  • 生鲜配送员争分夺秒:30分钟将活鱼送至市民家中 2018-02-18
  • 春节前三天全国旅游接待2.14亿人次 迎出行小高峰 2018-02-18
  • 游客为成都城市环境点赞:城市干净 秩序井然 夜景更美 2018-02-18
  • 成都年味浓:小朋友推鸡公车 体验传统民俗文化 2018-02-18
  • “i-Chengdu”免费WiFi已覆盖成都主要车站景区 2018-02-18
    • welcome to ustc

      ustc is one of the most important innovation center in china.

      twelve disciplines in ustc are listed in the first 1% in esi.

      ustc is ranked between 3rd and 5th in mainland china, by arwu, the, qs, u.s. news and nature index in recent years.

      ustc offers 34 bachelor’s programs, 120 master’s programs and 94 doctoral programs.

      with abundant research strength, scientific elites, cutting-...

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    • ustc realizes small-packet-and-long-distance quantum key distribution
      [2018-01-29] ustc made significant progress in the study of the round-robin-differential-phase-s ( rrdps ) qua...
    • scientist discover a novel drug efflux pump in gram positive bacteria
      [2018-01-22] a novel mechanism of bacteria drug resistance is revealed by discovering a new type of efflux pum...
    • real-world intercontinental quantum communications enabled by the micius satellite
      [2018-01-19] a joint china-austria team has performed quantum key distribution between the quantum-science sat...
    • ustc firstly achieve a practical heisenberg-limited quantum metrology
      [2018-01-10] the cas key lab of quantum information makes a significant progress in the field of quantum metro...
    • [cgtn]huang fang: solving eco problems using geochemistry
      [2017-12-26] working in a modern laboratory, huang fang and his team are at the forefront of research in the f...
    • ustc realizes strong indirect coupling in distant nanomechanical resonators
      [2018-01-29] new progress in graphene-based nanomechanical resonator systems has been achieved in key laboratory of qu...
    • ustc ranks 18th in nature index
      [2018-01-22] ustc now ranks 18th among universities in the world and no. 4 in china.
    • plant and animal science ascends in esi top 1%
      [2018-01-15] plant and animal science becomes another subjiect in ustc to get a place in essential science ind...
    • hybrid qubit is demonstrated with high tunability – a progress in semiconductor quantum computation
      [2018-01-06] prof. guo's group demonstrated hybrid qubit with high tunability for the first time.
    • the school of life sciences and medicine set up
      [2017-12-22] on december 23rd, 2017, the school of life sciences and medicine of university of science and tec...
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    ring versus chain formation in diverse surface reactions

    02-01 16:00 3# 210 meeting room, national synchrotron radiation laboratory

    hidden phase transitions in metallic glasses and their applications

    01-29 10:30 room 9004, hfnl building

    the transition path time distribution - protein folding, quantum mechanics, t...

    01-26 10:00 room 9004, hfnl building

    realization of a hole-doped mott insulator on a triangular silicon lattice an...

    01-19 10:00 room 9004, hfnl building

    design principles towards controlling reaction kinetics at the electrified in...

    01-17 16:00 exhibition hall, hfnl building

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